Brand Font

PP Neue Montreal

A versatile grotesque font with the spirit of a classical display font.

It is clean, sharp with a round character that goes well with the rest of our visual identity, reflecting the soft, rounded forms of the 3D imagery for the floating brands and the style of the 2D illustrations.

It works really well as both a display font for headers and also as running text for heavier chunks of text.

PP Neue Montreal is available on PangramPangram*Foundry under license.

System font

Arial serves as a substitute font for Red Points’ main font in cases where we create materials that need to have a global font that works on all kinds of devices where the main font might not be installed; such as powerpoint templates, word documents and more.

Google Workspace

Helvetica Neue serves as a substitute font for Red Points’ Google Workspace documents and presentations done in Google Docs and Google Slides.